The ‘Preparing for Success’ training program, through generous support from Ford Thailand, was able to reach more than 400 rural girls in Northeast Thailand. It covered key aspects of workshops from ‘Building a Positive Attitude’. As well, it provided some practical guidance on post-school career, employment, and training opportunities. This training was conducted as a 3-hour workshop with 10 school groups in five secondary schools throughout Ubon Ratchathani.

‘Preparing for Success:’ The Guide for a Better Life After School

The aim of the ‘Preparing for Success’ project was to provide free, high-quality training to underprivileged girls in the Northeastern Region of Thailand. This workshop provides the girls with the opportunity to: 1) Complete a self-assessment; 2) Learn about training and education options post-school; and 3) Find out how to find and apply for jobs.

This project successfully in provided 442 teenage girls in rural areas with the information and skills they will need for post-schooling success. As well, it provided them with the opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge about themselves and their future goals,
  • increase their self-confidence,
  • learn about future ways and opportunities for them to match their desires with their skills, and
  • become excited about taking ownership of their futures.

We received the following feedback from student participants in the workshops:

Knowledge Gained:

  • More than 98% highly agreed with the statement: “You have gained knowledge and understanding about further education and job searching following junior high school/high school.”
  • Nearly 99% highly agreed with the statement: “You have more knowledge and understand more about yourself.”

Feedback Comments Provided on Forms by Participants (Translated from Thai):

  • “I was happy to join your workshop. Many thanks to all of you for providing me knowledge. I hope you will run it again.”
  • “This workshop was fun. I realised what I wanted to be and what my goal was.”
  • “I got to know myself better. I realised what my dream job was and I found my goals. I want you to hold another workshop.”
  • “I have knowledge from the workshop so that now I know how to follow my dreams. I learned how to further my education and how to make my dream job come true. I want to join such a workshop again.”
  • “I learned a lot that I have never known before, especially how to further my education. At first, I was not sure what college/field I wanted to enroll in, but I now got to know myself better, so I gained more confidence in making that decision.”
  • “I have learned to investigate the options available for my future and my dreams.”
  • “I gained knowledge and got good suggestions on how to further my studies.”
  • “I got to learn about how to pick a job and goal for my job so that I can follow my dream.”
  • “I got to exchange information with my friends and know how to choose the right path in the future. This could help with my future study and work, and all of us are really grateful for the team that taught us.”

As a result of the workshop, our trainers were able to clarify information about the educational system and labor laws, which will provide these girls with the requisite knowledge to make better choices regarding their futures when in comes to education and work.