The ‘Preparing for Success’ training program, through generous support from Socialgiver, was able to reach more than 100 rural girls in Northeast Thailand. It covered key aspects of workshops from ‘Building a Positive Attitude’. As well, it provided some practical guidance on post-school career, employment, and training opportunities. This training was conducted as a 3-hour workshop in two schools in Ubon Ratchathani and surrounding areas.

‘Preparing for Success:’ The Guide for a Better Life After School

The aim of the ‘Preparing for Success’ project is to provide free, high-quality training to underprivileged girls in the Northeastern Region of Thailand. This project was successful in providing 109 teenage girls in rural areas with the information and skills they will need for post-schooling success. As well, it helped them to:

  • increase their sense of self-worth,
  • gain confidence,
  • gain self-understanding and reveal their true desires,
  • find out how to match their desires with their skills, and
  • become optimistic and excited about their futures.

We received the following feedback from student participants in the workshops:


  • More than 76% highly agreed with the statement: “I have
    gained knowledge and understanding about further education and job searching following
    junior high school/high school.”
  • More than 72% highly agreed with the statement: “I have more knowledge and understand more about yourself.

Feedback Comments Provided on Forms by Participants (Translated from Thai):

  • “This workshop gave me new knowledge, experience, confidence in planning my future.”
  • “Today’s activity taught me new knowledge and I became more confident. The lecture also taught me about my future study and how to achieve my goal.”
  • “I got new knowledge about further study and choices that I will make.”
  • “Today was really fun and I gained lot of new knowledge, such as where to study next, and am aware of my dreams and how to achieve them.”
  • “I’m very happy to have joined the activity. It allowed me to learn about how to further my higher education.”
  • “Today’s activity helped me understand different careers and which job is right for me.”
  • “Today I got new knowledge about choices of jobs and that we should learn what we are good at.”
  • “I got new knowledge from the different activities and got to prepare myself for a better future, such as study.”
  • “Today I got to learn about my study choice and working with my friends. This helps me become more confident.”

In our workshops, we administer pre and post-training tests with the girls to measure how well the program was able to impart knowledge to the girls which who we work. Often, we find that participants have a serious lack of understanding of further education and career opportunities going into thier first workshop. With each these workshops, the post-test outcomes showed that our trainers successfully imparted key information to the girls in each workshop, and the girls were far more knowledgable about educational opportunities and possible career paths (and pitfalls) than before the training. We thank Socialgiver for helping these girls to be prepared for future success!