Our team at Pratthanadee Foundation is currently on our third day conducting workshops for disadvantaged school girls at Ubon Ratchathani and Sisaket. One of the most significant workshops being held is titled “Claim Your Rights.” This involves educating students on the resources available to them if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation, self-defense, and methods to ensure a deeper understanding of the different types of violence. Additionally, we also conduct activities to help students memorise the hotlines and helplines they can call if they ever are victim to such crimes. Pratthanadee Foundation aims to reach 1,200 girls during the next 3 weeks. To further this goal, we have created a new Facebook page titled “Learn Your Rights.” Pratthanadee Foundation believes that violence in all forms effects, and can be perpetrated by, both men and women no matter their age, gender, social class, or racial background. As a society, we cannot only focus on preventing ourselves from becoming victims of violence, but we must work together to prevent violence from ever being committed at all. Thus, this page aims to educate people on issues including:
  1. Sexual Violence and Harassment
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Legal Rights: What are my rights in these situations?
  4. Legal Rights: How do I report an issue?
So far, we have received positive feedback from students, reporting that not only did they have fun, but they have increased their knowledge on how to defend themselves and now know who to call, or report to, if they ever need help. Pratthanadee Foundation would like to extend its gratitude to The Irish Embassy via Irish Aid for not only supporting our journey in the Northeast, but for supporting the greater journey to ending violence across the country.