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Resource Alliance Social Impact Awards 2017
Guidestar Gold Seal
Guidestar Gold Seal

A Thailand Registered Charity Established in 2000

With local staff and an international board, we use our global networks to serve women and girls in Thailand.

Empowerment, Not Dependence

Training that sparks an internal and positive change in each woman and girl, empowering them to go out and change their lives.

Branches in Bangkok and the Northeast of Thailand

Providing services for rural and urban women in central Bangkok and the economically disadvantaged region of Ubon Ratchathani.

A Small and Supportive Staff Team

With just five full-time staff, our students get to know our team personally – making Pratthanadee feel like a home, a community and a training center in one.

Volunteer Based Model

Through a dedicated team passionate volunteers, we work collaboratively to provide life-changing training for women and girls.

Ambitious and Results Focused

Constantly innovating and finding ways to measure and improve the success of our programs, we put results at the heart of our work.

Women and girls reached each year


Increased Self Confidence


Life-Changing Experience


Increased Salary


The Problem

Women and girls from poor backgrounds face a difficult life in Thailand.

Outside of Bangkok, the country has areas of great poverty, with few opportunities for work outside of agriculture. Young, undereducated women become their family’s ticket to success – whether they like it or not – and face pressure to move to Bangkok and find work. Often they need to support their entire extended family on one salary.

Whether they end up in sex work, manual labor or domestic houses, their situation is the same. They hold the burden of keeping their entire family fed when they have no real skills to compete on the Bangkok job market.


The Solution

We provide free life-changing training and mentoring in Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani in the Northeast of Thailand.

Our students hope to make something of their lives – despite having previously been denied any real opportunity to do so. Some of our students work in the sex industry, and many more grapple with the decision of whether or not to do so themselves. Many of them see marriage to a foreign man as the only means of securing their future. For them it is not a matter of choice, but of survival for themselves and their families.

We provide an alternative – a place for self-assessment and learning, and the first step to a brighter future.

Always Be Ready When the Opportunity Comes

Sawangjit Busuwa, or Jit to her friends, grew up in a lower middle-class family of pineapple farmers in Nakhon Panom province in northeast Thailand. Weekends would see her pitch in on the plantation harvesting the fruit alongside her parents. On weekdays, she would be...

No Longer ‘Blocking Out’ Life

Since failing to make it to university after high school and moving to Bangkok for work in 1995, Kanokon Matchimo (Riang) has experienced divorce twice, become a single mother, and shuffled through a range of jobs, most of which she did not like. Now a janitor at an...

Life’s Getting Better

She hopes to be a teacher one day, but when Aye Say (Mai) was growing up in Myanmar her family had a different life path for her. Attaining educational qualifications was not important they felt. They wanted her to be a farmer. Mai’s time in school would often get...

From Dreaming About The Future to Planning For It

We ended 2023 and started the new year on a high note, thanks to Girls Opportunity Alliance. With a grant from them, we conducted ‘Preparing for Success’ training for 1,506 junior high school girls in northeast Thailand between November last year and this January....

All Under One Roof

We capped the year 2023 with one of our most ambitious projects to date. For the first time, key stakeholders involved in the reporting of gender-based violence (GBV) in schools met under one roof in Ubon Ratchathani province. We’d hoped that by bringing together the...

From Ubon to Washington DC

July was a whirlwind for me. In the course of several weeks, my team and I made our way through over 10 schools and reached out to more than 2,000 high school girls in northeast Thailand including Ubon province. We trained, distributed self-learning kits and collected...


Our stay in Ubon Ratchathani, Amnat Charoen and Sisaket provinces this summer was revelatory in many ways. Apart from learning that schools were cited by most high school girls as the place they had experienced violence, on a more positive note, we also gained...

Schools are not that safe!

This summer we embarked on the road to Ubon Ratchathani, Amnat Charoen and Sisaket provinces in a project funded by the Irish Aid In-Country Micro Projects Scheme. Part of our work involved giving 1,200 high school girls a self-learning kit on identifying and dealing...


Some 20 minutes outside of Ubon Ratchathani city centre, Warinchamrab School is a progressive institution we’ve worked with for several years now and have always had a good experience. It’s no different on this day when we had special visitors. The school was abuzz...


Early last year we took on a challenge with support of the Canadian Embassy in Thailand. We’ve never done something quite like it: mainstream gender inclusivity education in select high schools on a pilot basis. Could we do it? Well, there’s no turning back since we...

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