Pratthanadee Foundation’s 2019 mission is to tackle Thailand’s violence culture!

We that violence in all forms effects, and can be perpetrated by, both men and women no matter their age, gender, social class, or racial background. As a society, we cannot only focus on preventing ourselves from becoming victims of violence, but we must work together to prevent violence from ever being committed at all. Thus, this page aims to educate people on issues including: 

Sexual Violence and Harassment

Domestic Violence

Legal Rights: What are my rights in these situations?

Legal Rights: How do I report an issue?

Who can help me and where can I access help?

We hope this page will continue to grow as an accessible educational resource for any woman, man, or gender non-conforming individual!

Do you have the confidence to stop violence?

Keep up to date on our Facebook platform where we post daily videos, images, and guidelines on prevention, rights, and self-defence. Though educational content is directed at disadvantaged Thai-speaking nationals, we are currently in the process of distributing English content – so make sure to watch this space!

What do I do in a dangerous situation? A 10-step guide includes speaking up, utilising available technology, and the ability to remain calm.

Where are you taking YOUR survival guide?

Our staff and students have been travelling all around Thailand with our new survival guide booklet! Once you’ve got yours, where will you be taking it? Join the movement on social media and spread the message with #ConfidenceToStopViolence!

Grab your copy at Pratthanadee Foundation today!



Better Me Survival Guide: The Panel

We launched Confidence To Stop Violence with a conference panel in Bangkok discussing Thailand’s violence culture and how confidence can play a large role in activating collective action to combat it! Featuring guests such as, it’s a fantastic crash course into this campaign!

WATCH: Preechaya Saiwilai Talks Self-Love

Discussing how self-love can act as a starting point to treating others with kindness and respect, Preechaya Saiwilai from NYX Professional Makeup is making a stand: we can’t be active participators or victims to violence – it all starts from loving yourself first!



มีคนทำร้ายร่างกายกันตรงหน้า ทำไงดี ??

มีคนทำร้ายร่างกายกันตรงหน้า ทำไงดี ??

? ตั้งสติแล้วโทรแจ้งตำรวจและเรียกคนเข้ามาช่วย …

แฟนเก่าตามรังควาน ทำไงดี!!!

แฟนเก่าตามรังควาน ทำไงดี!!!


Stand up to Violence!

Stand up to Violence!

From 1st July to 30th August 2019, with the financial support of the Irish Aid In-Country Micro-Project Scheme (ICMP), we carried out the project entitled “Empowering Girls in Rural Northeast Thailand to Protect Themselves Against Domestic & Sexual Violence”. This...