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On’s Story:

A single mother of three, struggling in poverty with only a primary school education, went from being hopeless and depressed to having a future she is excited to pursue. With growing confidence following the “Better Me” programme, On feels happy and ready for the life she is continuously building for herself and her family.

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I was a single mother, working as a maid in three households to support my children. On my first day at Pratthanadee, I was so nervous, I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes. I had absolutely no confidence at all. Now, I feel in control of my life. I can genuinely smile again for the first time in years.


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Nang’s Story:

Follow the story of a woman who took on role of both mother and father. Thousands of women like Nang are stuck in low-paid, dangerous, or unstable work. Deciding to make a change and improve her life for the better, Nang found Pratthanadee, and what is more, Pratthanadee found a valued member of its team. Currently, she works at our Ubon Ratchathani branch.

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I was working in an abusive environment and was struggling with a child and a runaway boyfriend, thinking this was my lot in life; I felt trapped. I’m truly thankful for the life-changing experience at Pratthanadee and to the donors who made it all possible.


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Beer’s Story:

Featured in the 12th episode of HEROES of Thailand by Inspire Change, Pratthanadee Foundation’s director Sarochinee Unyawachsumrith (Beer) details her difficult past and her dedication to educating disadvantaged women from Bangkok and the Northeast. Accompanied by Weena Autharam (Nang), they are embodiments of Pratthanadee’s resilience, perseverance, and desire to truly impact the lives of Thai women and girls.

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BEER - HEROES of Thailand S01E12

ผู้หญิงคนนี้มีความปรารถนาดีที่จะมอบโอกาสและทักษะชีวิตเพื่อที่จะพาผู้หญิงที่ไม่มีโอกาสทั่วประเทศไปถึงฝันและเป้าหมายของเขาThis woman has dedicated her life to educating and preparing disadvantaged women from all over the country to find their goals and reach for their dreams.#heroesofthailand #inspirechangeth #pratthanadee

Posted by Inspire Change on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

“I find so much joy in my job and I also get to help people at the same time. I can’t quite explain my feelings into words… I just know I’m on the right path and I must continue on it…”