Q: How does it feel to be back in class?

A: It feels wonderful to back in class! In-person teaching benefits all students and teachers. Classroom participation helps students learn English and there is no substitute for it!

Q: What are some of the challenges you face in teaching during a pandemic?

A: The biggest challenge is teaching with a mask or face shield on. It prevents you from directly connecting with the students. It forces you to speak much louder and exert yourself so the students can hear you! It is also very difficult for the students to hear the lesson. From a student’s perspective, it is very challenging for them as they too must speak louder.

Q: Is there something you’re doing differently to better engage your students during a lesson?

A: I must ask the students to speak louder while talking. They social distance, so they struggle to talk amongst themselves when they don’t understand the lesson. I encourage them to ask me questions and to stop the lesson if they don’t understand the lesson. It has worked, as they speak louder and with more confidence. It has also increased their trust in me with their current English skills.

Q: How would you describe their level of enthusiasm compared with before?

A: All the students are very motivated and eager to learn English! They really enjoy the in-person instruction, as some were instructed virtually for a period during the partial lockdown.